Sweat Pants for Psychiatric Patients Donations


Mental Health Initiatives — Sweat Pants for Psychiatric Patients

As a Christian and a person in recovery from mental illness, Marcia A. Murphy is an advocate for people with psychiatric illness and a member of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Iowa City, Iowa. She has founded Mental Health Initiatives [MHI] to increase public awareness of the challenges faced daily by the mentally ill. Marcia believes that well informed religious communities can effectively offer hope through God’s grace, inspiration through prayer and reading God’s word, and support through the care of responsive, thoughtful congregations willing to act together in response to this great need in our society.


Mental Health Initiatives outreach ministry at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church promotes the dignity, value, and inherent worth of people who live with mental illness, that every person—able or disabled—has value and worth. MHI strives to transform society by creating a system to affirm the principles of community and support. Marcia acts in response to this great need in our society and identifies the role of hope, and how it has an impact on future outcomes, possibilities within relationships in family, in society, in self-care, and wellness.

Some MHI actions have included for a hospital: clothing and magazine drives, educational slideshows, and presentations. For community, state, nation, and world: provides educational resources, distribution of materials, legislative actions, and increases mental health awareness.

Current request is for: purchase of sweat pants for psychiatric patients in Iowa’s sole tertiary hospital health care center. Many patients are low-income, come from out of state, and without family support. With hospital budgets already strained, the need exists for additional outside support. All donations through the One Mission Fund go directly into the MHI ministry fund of St. Andrew.


Suggested donations: $8 each. Make Donation Here