To Loose the Bonds of Injustice: A Testimony

Book [Work in Progress]
A Mental Health Initiative [MHI]

Abstract/To Loose the Bonds of Injustice: A Testimony
by Marcia A. Murphy

To Loose the Bonds of Injustice is a testimony of someone who has lived the life of a mental patient in the United States of America during the period after the closures of big institutions in the 1950’s and the advent of community care-based treatments often involving psychiatric medications. Instead of an academic look from the outside, this is an inside look by someone who has a lot to say about deplorable conditions.

Ms. Murphy shares her successes and difficulties in the work she found meaningful despite facing many challenges. And would like others to be aware of the many and diverse issues people who have a mental illness contend with: difficulties in getting basic needs met–living in poverty at a subsistence level; disincentives for employment and discrimination; lack of affordable housing and subsequent homelessness; social isolation and difficulties with groups; lack of funding for mental health treatment and care; learning social skills and halting the cycle of abuse learned while growing up. Additionally, there is a whole series of issues dealing with disability benefits and government programs alone. How it is nearly impossible to survive without a caring community of faith.

Ms. Murphy shares her personal struggles with intent to make a difference, sharing her view of what positive changes can take place, including changes in legislation of regulations and laws. This book is for all those who know of someone suffering from a mental illness as well as the general public: the ill themselves, relatives, health care providers, and government officials. With this offer of new insights and knowledge an invitation is extended to the reader to examine habits of the heart. From out of indifference and complacency let there be compassion and an emergence of actions–steps going forward to improve the quality of life for and with all those with mental health needs.